DXY Dollar Index Elliott Wave View: Turning Lower

DXY Dollar IndexShort Term Elliott Wave view suggests that the decline from 8/16 peak is unfolding asan Ending Diagonal Elliott Wave structure. Down from 8/16 high, Minor wave 1 ended at 91.62 and Minor wave 2 ended at 93.347. Minor wave 3 is unfolding as a double three Elliottwave structure. Minute wave ((w)) of 3 ended at 91.01 and Minute wave ((x)) of 3 is proposed complete at 92.08.While bounces stay below 92.08, but more importantly below 8/31 high at 93.36, Index should resume lower or at least pullback in 3 waves.If the Index breaks above 92.08, then cycle from 8/16 high has likely ended. In that case, Index should correct larger degree cycle from 8/16 high in 7 swing before the decline resumes provided pivot at 92.08 stays intact. We don't like buying the Dollar Index.

DXY 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

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